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New Diferior version is with testers

Not long left to wait...


I am glad to announce that new Diferior version is finally with testers.
Preliminary testing was a success and script is scheduled to release to public in the beginning of March.

Not only Diferior drops 'beta' with the next release, it also introduces a ton of new features. I won't spoil the fun and let you dig around the new, updated, diferior.com yourselves. You are welcome to post your findings in the comments.

See you soon ;)

(Thanks to witkuz for the image)

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Method (Chatterbox) @ 08 02 27 - 23:43:33
First? Cool. Looks amazing dude. Although I hope theres an option in the release that lets you move the links to the other side, as well as throw a panel on both sides, like I earlier suggested.

Either way, what I noticed different is quick-reply style comments, download section is more detailed, That new theme was implemented. (Great work btw), and one of those search term things are in the sidebar too. Diferior and Translation oddly enough being the most searched.....

Dunno about control panel changes...Can't wait till it's released.
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UnrealX (Lead code monkey) @ 08 02 28 - 06:26:24
Menu side can be changed pretty easily, all you have to do is uncomment a single line of code.

And those 'search term things' are tag clouds :-)
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qwerty (Member) @ 08 02 29 - 10:04:20
Congatulations UnrealX, this new version seens pretty cool
Cant wait to test the new version, and start modding it.

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Method (Chatterbox) @ 08 03 01 - 07:01:36
Search term things sounds more dramatic.
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UnrealX (Lead code monkey) @ 08 03 01 - 09:38:16
Haha, true :DD
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mubashar (Beginner) @ 10 10 13 - 18:25:13
I am very excited about new one,hope this will also be good
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urgetech3 (Beginner) @ 10 12 16 - 05:37:51
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